Food Source to Feed 10 Billion People in 2050

Think about the impact on the environment just one person has. Each person has to eat, go to work, relax in a heated home provided with fossil fuels such as coal or oil. Each person uses foods out of plastic wrap, a bottle or package. Everyone drinks soda or beer out of aluminum cans or glass bottles. Everyone eats food grown on ranches, or in rows on farms. They eat fish, beef, chicken, and pork. Now, think of the millions of people who may run out of food in the future. They could be the very grandchildren of people trying to save the environment by studying various ways of growing food and raising animals and fish.

This is what the Farmed salmon industry is considering. They want the world to have a sustainable food that will feed the over 7 billion of people here on Earth. There are already babies starving because they don't have anything to eat for days. Plus, they don't have a place in which to get a good, clean and pure drink of water. Glaciers are melting, land is being taken away from animals who are used to migrating in the snow across entire states. As the population grows, so will the worry of where their food sources will come from.


Salmon is a fish that can help sustain the world's population of 10 billion in the year 2050. Right now, there are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world. Now is the time to take care of the future and be ready. Even though the people who've realized the nature of the problem will most likely be gone by that time, their intelligence and forthrightness will provide the means for everyone to have food in 2050. Other people concerned for the environment are working with plants, while salmon farming will be a way for people to have the protein needed for good health.

Countries all over the world are utilizing their most intelligent people to head up the salmon industry. They have hurdles, such as sea lice that pose an unhealthy problem for these fish. Along with being able to produce enough food, ways must be found to keep the salmon safe from disease. This is exactly what the salmon growers want to do.